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Note: Links in title are to official DOIs or equivalent, book title links point to official publisher website. If the published article or chapter is behind a paywall, I have linked to author preprint copies (hosted on Humanities Commons) after citation in brackets. Contact me for information about forthcoming/in-press material.


Refereed Publications

 Public Writing




  • (with Emily M.N. Kugler) "Playable Partners: Spectrums of Queer Possibility in Indie Video Games" (essay for Pop Enlightenments: The Eighteenth Century Now, edited by Madeleine Pelling & Emrys Jones)

  • "What we talk about when we talk about Eighteenth-Century Fan Fiction” Eighteenth-Century Fiction special issue on “Refusing Eighteenth-Century Fictions” (Eds. Eugenia Zuroski and Manu Chander) January 2024.

Pedagogical Writing

Under Review

  • "Expanding Exandria: Narrative Adaptation & Compression in Critical Role" for How Do We Want To Do This?: Critical Essays on Critical Role. (essay accepted by editors, collection as a whole under review)

Work In Progress​​​​

Manuscript Fiction Project:

  • Manuscript Novels 1760-1900 (database)

  • A Literary History of Alternative Circulation in the Age of Print (monograph)

  • The Navy Officer, or True Blue Will Never Stain: A Digital Edition (with Noah Moon)

  • Alice Clifton: A Digital Edition (with Amanda Reeves)

Playing the Eighteenth Century Project (with Emily M. N. Kugler)

  • "Possible Past Times: How CRPGs Remix 18th Century Culture" (article)

Other Writing:

  • “The Strange Afterlife of Austen’s Cancelled Chapters of Persuasion” (article)

Recent Book Reviews

For The Review of English Studies

  • Review of Havens, Revising the Eighteenth-Century Novel: Authorship from Manuscript to Print (2020)

  • Review of King, Writing to the World: Letters and the Origins of Modern Print Genres (2019)

  • Review of The Cambridge Edition of the Correspondence of Samuel Richardson: Correspondence with Lady Bradshaigh and Lady Echlin (2018)

For The Scriblerian

  • Review of Orr, Novel Ventures (2018)

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