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Podcast Interviews

Talk of the Table - “Consider the Audience”
Yes Indie'd Pod - Actual Play, Actual Work (w/ Emily Friedman)
Tabletopped - How to make a successful Actual Play
Fascinating Podcast - Tabletop Roleplaying with Dr. Emily Friedman
Snyder's Return - Interview - Dr Emily Friedman - Historian, TTRPG Roleplayer and CritProf
D&D Discussions - Talking Actual Play Shows with Dr. Emily Friedman
Secret Nerd Podcast - Session 49: Where Fandom Ends
GMDL Guest Quest
The Thing About Austen = The Thing About Marianne's Smelling Salts
“Manuscripts and Metadata: Taxonomizing Manuscript Fiction in the Age of Print” (starts at 21:00) Bibliography Among the Disciplines: Paper Session 9 Paper Session 9: Manuscript in the Age of Print (2017)
The Saturday Lunch Show With Joe Hammond 11-12-21: Role-playing Games & Dungeons & Dragons special
Interview - Storymen Podcast (2016)
Austen Mondays: Pride and Prejudice Ep 7 Introducing Mr. Wickham

Austen Mondays: Pride and Prejudice Ep 7 Introducing Mr. Wickham

November 14, Ep 7, Chs 15-17 A Turn about the Room: Dr. Emily C. Friedman on Playing Games with Jane Austen Drinking with Jane: The Wickham Introducing Mr. Wickham Chapter Annotation Cohost: Kathleen Hudson Ch 15. Mr. Collins accompanies the Bennet daughters to Meryton where they meet the army officers, including Mr. Wickham. Darcy and Bingley arrive and Darcy stares down Wickham. Ch 16. Elizabeth and Wickham gossip about Darcy. Ch 17. Elizabeth reveals to Jane the gossip from Wickham about Darcy. Thanks to our sponsor, Lisa Washington. Drinking with Jane: Every show features an Austen-themed cocktail The Wickham 2 oz Rye or bourbon whiskey ½ oz Maple syrup 1 oz Campari Orange slice garnish The Wickham cocktail, like the character, is inviting, but dangerous. Sweet, stylish, flavorful, and not for the faint-hearted. Drink at your own risk. For a mocktail, hot tea with a shot of maple syrup. Austen Mondays: Pride and Prejudice Facebook Austen Mondays Dr. Emily C. Friedman YouTube - Twitter: @friede Polygon: Austen Mondays Cohost and Special Guests Austen Mondays merchandise Rosenbach donate Rosenbach membership Rosenbach progams Visit the Rosenbach

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Interview with ASECS Graduate Caucus (2019)

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