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Podcast Interviews

Snyder's Return - Interview - Dr Emily Friedman - Historian, TTRPG Roleplayer and CritProf
D&D Discussions - Talking Actual Play Shows with Dr. Emily Friedman
Secret Nerd Podcast - Session 49: Where Fandom Ends
GMDL Guest Quest
The Thing About Austen = The Thing About Marianne's Smelling Salts
“Manuscripts and Metadata: Taxonomizing Manuscript Fiction in the Age of Print” (starts at 21:00) Bibliography Among the Disciplines: Paper Session 9 Paper Session 9: Manuscript in the Age of Print (2017)
The Saturday Lunch Show With Joe Hammond 11-12-21: Role-playing Games & Dungeons & Dragons special
Interview - Storymen Podcast (2016)

Other Media Mentions

Interview with ASECS Graduate Caucus (2019)

Reading Smell Media:

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