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I serve as Level 2 Graduate Faculty in the Department of English.  This means I can direct MA and PhD work, and serve on committees as a member or outside reader anywhere I am needed on campus, as well as serving as outside readers for graduate students at other institutions.  I have doctoral training in eighteenth-century literature, narratology, and book history, and have additional postdoctoral training in those fields, along with digital tools, methods, and frameworks.  I have published a monograph on fiction and the historical sense of smell, have a longterm large-scale digital project collecting never-published fiction from the archives and creating rich metadata, and am currently one of the most visible senior scholars focused on the study of Actual Play (performances of games).

I have served on MA, PhD, and EdD committees in English (including Creative Writing, Literature, and Technical & Professional Communication), History, Education, Counseling Psychology, and Informatics. I also supervise research assistants and project managers in various roles (usually connected to my DH/editorial work with 18thConnect, the Manuscript Fiction Project, or my current work in games) 

You can read an interview I gave with the ASECS Graduate Caucus about mentoring and grad school here.

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