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Call for Papers

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference  

Orlando, FL (March 22 – 25, 2018)


Building upon (and in some ways, expanding) the goals of Rare Book School’s 2017 “Bibliography Among the Disciplines” conference, this roundtable seeks to foster a more diverse conversation on book history in the long eighteenth-century. The study of book production and circulation, like ASECS itself, prides itself on joining many disparate disciplines together under one umbrella.  Also like ASECS, the field has allowed this multiplicity to obscure the ways in which many voices are still not present in both the objects of study and its practitioners.

Thus, this roundtable is convened in order to craft a more comprehensive, intersectional book history. 

To that end, presenters will be asked to take no more than 8 minutes to present a question, methodology, or pedagogical practice that reconceptualize book historical practices. This can be how book historical practices can be brought to bear on works not traditionally considered through such a lens, the recovery of participants in the book trades that are still understudied, or how other methodological or theoretical lenses can interact with the study of the circulation and production of books.

Contributions are sought from both self-identified book historians and bibliographers, as well as scholars who do not typically identify as such.

Piles of Books


Please send a brief biography and a 250-word abstract, indicating if any visual components will be featured. Participants must be members of ASECS at the time of their registration.

Thanks for submitting!

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