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(in Theory and Practice)

Developed with Derek Ross (English) and Greg Schmidt (Special Collections)

In this class we explore how the history and production of the book (and associated publications) shapes modern practices. In doing so we will consider the impact of changing technologies on print production, how audiences influenced (and continue to influence) print production, changing document design practices, and the work of the editor in moving from source material to various print editions. This course culminates with students showing what they have learned by creating their own printed book edition from source material located in Auburn’s own rare book collection.

Students gain an understanding of developmental change in print history; Demonstrate an understanding of basic bibliographic principles; Demonstrate an understanding of workflow and process of group-based production practices; Apply and discuss basic theories and practices of design; Apply and discuss basic theories and practices of editing and content management; and Understand and apply principles of textual criticism.


With Derek Ross (English), Greg Schmidt (Special Collections), and CLA and AU Libraries

Grant-funded (Breeden Grant, CLA Philpott Grant, Intramural Grant) project to create a moveable cart of book making materials for the Mell Active Learning Classroom Building, for both our course and for courses in Public and Professional Writing, Literature, and Creative Writing.

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